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Commercial Property Growth vs Residential Property

We are now coming out of a residential property boom that lasted a few years. Many property investors invested in capital appreciation, while some banked on the appreciation for re-sale and/or re-financing.Now the residential sector has been in a downturn for a while. Some investors are trying to enter the commercial market for the same reasons. Here is where some issues must be explained.Commercial property does not appreciate just like residential property. Robert Kiyosaki keeps saying that if you hold a property long enough it will forgive you for the mistake you made in buying it. He says that because residential property appreciates over time even if it the residential market has a down turn. Have you ever heard the saying, “But property has grown X% over the last XYZ years”, fill in the blanks, they all say that. And that is true, but that is only true for residential property.In commercial property, a property may be worth a negative figure. Yes, negative figure. I think I should repeat that. Commercial property may be worth NOTHING. That will never happen in residential, but in commercial it can.Therefore, though investing in commercial property is great and can be the most profitable...
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