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You can beat Telkom at their own game now

This blog is mainly written for the real estate agents, small business and people who basically hate Telkom. Now you have your chance to get back - big time - and even make a not so small fortune.

My last post was about Phonet VoIP , and I didn’t say much about what it was or why I ever got involved in it, but when I watched the Donald Trump video it came to mind that some people may be interested in other opportunities.

In this post I had some time to write more about this and why I got involved in VoIP. Some people that know me know that my background is in technology and my “second life career” is real estate, though I work in both even now.

I know for some this may be hard to imagine, but when you love what you do, you kind of seem to find 100 hours in a day rather than 24 and you seem to achieve stuff that you never thought possible.

So, what was it that got me involved in VoIP that was so aligned to both my real estate business and my property investing business and how can you do the same if you choose to?

When I first was introduced to this particular VoIP Telephony service all I thought about is cutting my office telephone bills . If you are in real estate you know the phone has to be your friend.

But one of the problems with the phone is – the phone bill. The second problem that I had and many business owners have is simply the amount of time wasted on phone calls to get clients and explain stuff over the phone – no one pays you for that time, it is gone forever, you can kiss it goodbye and you didn’t make a cent.

Ok, when I first saw the opportunity on , the first thing that came to my mind was: WOW, I can get paid to talk on the phone, all those wasted hours are going to reduce my bills and even get me annuity income.

Because on this VoIP telephony system when you get incoming calls you are getting paid a rebate of the phone call, you are in fact getting paid to talk on the phone. That is without even taking into consideration that the first thing I though is that finally I get something like Skype that reduces my phone bill without having to talk on the computer and with a service that is available in the entire country of South Africa.

That was it!!! For the first days, I saw no further, I was happy to cut my phone bills and I was very happy to get rebates on the people calling me. That is a first in South Africa and it is about time, if you don’t mind me saying so. We have been paying enough Telkom, about time to get something back, I am sure you agree.

But then, I took a deeper look at what the service had to provide and it finally clicked.

Being used all the time to have a telecommunication provider like Telkom giving services, and charging you for it, it didn’t click immediately that in this business I can actually make money from other people using the service. Yes, other people using the phone, not only me using the telephone.

Once, I looked at the business model, I started to see the benefit for my property investor clients and even my colleague estate agents that can’t make money in the residential market right now, but still need to pay bills.

As I started looking at the rest of the business model, I saw that my own clients and colleagues making annuity income from this.

Because the business is based on multi-tear affiliate marketing and direct marketing, it means that other people introducing the services to other people they make money from their calls.

This in fact means first and foremost for myself that I can introduce this service and generate income for myself as an investor - that means pure cash flow to any investor.

In other words, pure cash flow without having to get big bonds (like it is not hard enough to get bonds right now).

For property investors this means that if they have shortfalls on their properties, or want to buy more properties they can make income and cash flow to do that.

If they want to make more money in their Property Trust or in their Family Trust they can do the same and register their trust.

Every person they introduce the service, they make more annuity income and with the months and years this can mean massive annuity income.

Not any type of income – but annuity income, residual income. In other words they work once to introduce the person to a service that SAVES everyone money (despite Telkom’s will to control everything), they also make income continually from the use of the service.

It doesn’t get better. Or does it?

Actually it does, because if you are not lazy and want some serious income this can turn into a full time HOME BASED business and eventually you can quit your job.

But as many people want to keep their jobs because it a career this can be just an income to buy more property, or to bring income to the family trust, or to have more income for luxury things without worrying where the cash is coming from, while the career stays are first preferences.

And for those that are sick of their job or career, if they are hard working – this can mean an income of 30,000 or 50,000 or even 100,000 per month.

Like I said in my first post:

Who do you know that does not talk on the phone? Everyone does.

Who do you know that doesn’t want to cut the Telkom bill immediately and pay less? Everyone does.

And therefore I saw that this is as no brainer for any property investor or real estate agent.

All you need to do is research and understand better the service, understand mainly how you can make money from it.

As I said in my previous post, you don’t need to have education, you don’t need to have anything special, you need to invest one hour or so to fully understand how this works and then get started.

And if you want to just speed up the process of understanding, you can always call the Phonet offices to have someone fully explain to you how it works and if this is for you.

I personally first of all became a client. I really wanted the services for my office to reduce my phone bills.

Then I took this further because I really saw how easy this was to create money. Yes, there is such a thing as easy, but that does not mean you can be totally lazy.

It means that you work for a short while and you enjoy the fruits of that work for years to come in annuity income and that is what is the lazy way to financial freedom – annuity income.

But you need to put some work into something to get the annuity income start.

So, now in my second post I have just let you know the secret to the 21st century riches.

Maybe you don’t understand why I am saying 21st century riches, but if you look at the trends of communications and just look around at how much people talk on the phone you will get the idea.

Think just how much money could you have if you were to make 0.20 cents per minute from every person you see on the phone talking?

Just think about this for a second. Would that mean a lot of money?

You bet it is. It is a multi billion dollar industry. Think AT&T, think BT, think Sprint then think how you can beat Telkom at their own game finally.

Do yourself a favor and go and read everything on or at least as much as you need to get the idea, and if you have no patience or time for reading or watching videos, just do yourself a favor and call to ask how it works, you may just find some stuff you never imagined possible. And I can’t blame you because I didn’t think it was possible in Telecommunications either, until just now.

Opportunities like these don’t come around very often and like we say in the property market CASH FLOW is king and you need to have CAPITAL to invest.

This is a new market; full of opportunity and so much money to be made it doesn’t fit in your calculators’ LCD.

Wouldn’t you like to have a share in it, while the share is still big and a lot is to be made?

Don’t fool yourself for one moment that this opportunity will stick around for too long, there are too many smart people around and South Africa is very entrepreneurial. Give it too long to get all convinced and cozy about it and you lost on the large piece of the market share because those that saw it first grabbed it, just like I did.

And above all, whatever you do – have fun.

Now go and see .


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