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Treoc Way Opinions and Reviews

Since I have had this blog, I keep getting emails asking me what I know about Treoc Way or the Treoc Club, about Treoc Trusts and so forth.

I have an opinion about a lot of things, but Treoc is a company and since I am not a Treoc member anything I say may not be of value because I have not experience with Treoc services nor the Treoc Way so to speak.

However, on the community forum of , I do know there are people who have been in the Treoc Way, or are still in Treoc Club and follow the Treoc Way. Of course I am not posting their website as all the questions are for an independent opinion and I assume you have been to their website already, so here it goes.

So if you want more opinions about Treoc from people who have used their services, not like me, and have had experiences with Coert from Treoc and the Treoc Club etc., on Property Investor Network you will find many threads about Treoc.

People there are discussing the Treoc way and debating strategies and providing insight to their experiences. Of course you will have to ask your own questions as these are just people talking about what interests them.

They will have more to say than I ever will.

If you are interested to find out more about this please ask the community members at Property Investor Network, do not send me emails, I can’t help you because I can’t say I have a helpful opinion and therefore it would be wrong for me to say otherwise.

On the forum of search you can search for Treoc and you will find the threads or look up these threads:

* "Dear Coert"

* "Reflection on the Treoc Strategy", "Treoc Review"

* "Treoc Style"

* Trusts for Dummies (I think there the trusts issue is also discussed, but I can’t remember, though you will find opinions about the trusts strategy of Treoc if you search for the word trusts and also other strategies).

This forum is free community based and therefore you can even ask your questions, you will find people there that are presently in the Treoc Way and those that have been with Treoc that can give their opinions and would have more value than mine.

Here is the link again:


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