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Repossessions on Carte Blanche

First I want to let you know why exactly I am writing about this. Here is first of all a small secret, which will explain why this whole post.

On my blog I have many blog items, but you may not know that the most read article from the very beginning of this blog is the Repossession article that was posted a long time ago. I think it was amongst my very first posts.

Maybe people need information about repossession or maybe they just want to know how to buy properties in execution and PIPs, either way, this is what happened this week.

Repossession-Stopper has been approached by Carte Blanche to find out about people that have financial trouble because they are doing a show in this subject.

And since, I know that the most read item on this blog is the repossession blog, I decided to let you know all about this.

So, if you are a person that has found themselves in financial distress and wish to tell your story, please contact me, under the Contact Me tab with your details and I forward your details to the journalist at Carte Blanche.

If you just wish to discuss this you can go to Property Investor Network there is a thread about this Carte Blanche ... read this please

The thing about this whole show is, that it could present a wonderful opportunity to help other people. As we know market cycles are always going up and down and therefore these stories may help people in the future to avoid bad situation hopefully.


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