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Property Investors Community Grows Now Even Bigger

Here is the news release issued by Property Investor Network and Ardent about the two communities merging.


Both Ardent and Property Investor Network had the same vision from the start, which was based on providing a free flow of property information, exchange of ideas and a community for investors to help each other while having fun and communicating freely.

This merger of the sites will provide both communities with a bigger and better place for all to benefit. “In line with my vision of free flow of information on Ardent, this merger just made sense, we are two sites doing the same thing on the community side, getting together the community just grows stronger for the benefit of all”, says John Becket founder of Ardent.

Though as we know information is power, more often than not, information often comes  at a very high price that is not justified or necessary. Property Investor Network has built its’ community from the pure will to help investors get started and have a place to freely ask questions and discuss issues, though it will never replace professional advise, nor should it, it does help investors get started and discuss ideas.

"The bigger the community the more contributors we have in the community the more we can help the community. Ardent joining Property Investor Network just makes perfect sense to the community.” said Sean Wheller founder of Property Investor Network.

Though investing websites can never replace advise from professionals such as attorneys and accountants, both Ardent and Property Investor Network have been extremely successful in getting people to be more informed and learn more about investing while having the opportunity to discuss their ideas and issues with like minded people in a safe environment that allows all views and debates to be voiced.

“We strongly believe that this merger will bring great value to our members and future property investors joining this industry.” says John Becket founder of Ardent.

Though no one knows where things may go in the future, one this is for sure, property investors now can discuss issues in the market and industry in a place where they are free to have their say analyze their thoughts and have some fun along the way.

After all, if property investing is the way to financial freedom, you may as well acquire some new like-minded friends and have some fun along the way.


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