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Got into property investing by mistake?

This video of Donald Trump below came to my attention recently.

What came to my mind when I was watching it is that so many people got into real estate in the boom market in South Africa, some without even thinking much about what real estate investing really means, or what it takes.

It was a boom market everyone was doing something in real estate, many people where selling the “financial freedom” through the asset class called real estate or property and since the market looked so good and so many people were buying it seemed like a very good idea.

I see some investors right now that really want to bail out of the property market and some of them don’t even have a problem with shortfalls, they are just tired of managing properties or fell that real estate is not necessarily something they like to do.

Some made the wrong purchasing decisions and are in financial distress, but not that many property investors are saying that real estate, property or brick and mortar is something that they love have a passion for or even like. Some don’t even like real estate remotely, they just fell in love with the “financial freedom idea” and since real estate was in the boom market, it seemed like a good choice.

Even in the best financial circumstances it is extremely difficult to keep something going when one basically has no passion for it.

Anyway, watch this video with Donald Trump it may bring to you some thoughts about things that you are doing or may want to do in the future.

If you fell into real estate and you really don’t like it, don’t beat up on yourself for it, at least you tried. There are many other ways to reach financial freedom.

I can’t say that real estate is not profitable or not good, because it is. But that said, it does not mean that there is no other way.

If you are lazy, well then I have no solutions for you, but if you are hard working and just wish to reach financial freedom but real estate does not appeal to you, you may want to try and enter the telecommunications market and make money from people talking on the phone . Telecommunications is a multi billion dollar industry and as of this year only - this industry has opened a very rare opportunity for regular people that are not telecommunication experts and have no experience to earn annuity revenue form people talking on the phone. You may want to read that again it said - annuity revenue form people talking on the phone. How many people you know that talk on the phone? I think just about everyone all the way to the 7 year old children that are now starting to have cell phones.

That is just one option, personally I am an entrepreneur and I love many things in business, but technology and real estate are my higher passions.

Though I try to keep technology out of my blog, because it is a real estate blog, this just happened to be so aligned with those that wish to exit the real estate industry and those that really need to make more money to cover their shortfalls that I decided to write about it.

Again, if you are lazy don’t bother, but if you are capable of researching something that may suit you far more and give it a try for financial freedom read the website and listen to all the videos. Behind this opportunity is a 2.5 Billion Rand market cap company (it is a serious as it gets and you don't have to run around for mortgage bonds to make money).

The telecommunications industry with the deregulation in South Africa  and new VoIP technologies new worlds are being opened for people with very little knowledge to make huge amounts of money.

Real estate requires a lot of knowledge to be successful, this simply doesn’t – that does not mean it doesn’t require some effort. You may find this far more fun a lot less stressful than real estate and it may even bring you income if you do love real estate to buy more property.

Either way, watch the Donald Trump video, find your passion, and check out other opportunities .


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