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I see in many places, real estate agents, property investors, attorneys, bond originators, developers and many other service providers trying to promote their website on the internet by all means that they can, and that is great.

But until now, in South Africa there was no place for a niche social bookmarking site that is dedicated to property and can drive targeted traffic to South African businesses. We all know of Delicious , Technorati , Digg , etc, but they are all international and very difficult to get targeted traffic from them in South Africa.

Now there is a new site called which is providing just that. A free place for property practitioners to bookmark their sites and with time get more targeted traffic.

But still, I know some dream of getting the massive traffic from Digg and the likes is much better.

If you think so, consider this….

Some time ago a colleague used a very famous social bookmarking site, and managed to get one of this website pages on first page on this social bookmarking site. He was so impressed, I found him speechless.

You may think just like him, this is great…… well actually no – it wasn’t. You see, because he has a South African business and places like Digg and the likes, are world wide international sites, the results were not as expected. The social bookmarking site just sent him a few 10s of thousands of visitors, which of course all came out of interest from the page posted and none of them were potential clients.

He just wasted a few gig on bandwidth and got very little return, other than of course the absolute excitement that he made it on first page of a massively popular site. But in terms of business it meant nothing to the bottom line.

So, then what are these sites good for, if not traffic?

They are good for many things, including finding things, rankings and many other things, but a business owner has to remember, if the traffic is not targeted it is as good as no traffic.

South African businesses need traffic that is interested in their services, in other words potential clients, those that can buy stuff that they have to offer. Unless the business offers products and services for anyone on the planet, it is very wise to get strength in the local internet space (

I wish there were more of these sites, but right now I am happy with this one as it suits the property sector which I practice in.

This can get me targeted traffic that I am glad to pay the bandwidth for.

Though the site is new right now, I am sure that it will grow massively over time as everyone benefits from such a site, and of course like all bookmarking sites this one is also free.

If you are a real estate agent, letting agent, property manager, attorney, bond originator, property investor or have anything to do with property, you should check this site out and add your website in the bookmarks and also add as many others as you know. It will benefit us all in the property sector. 


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