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Face it you just cant win all the time

You know..... in every situations, no matter for how long you have been doing something, you will have bad days. Granted no one is looking forward to these days, but happen they will.

I have been trying to sort out some management issues with a building, a building that a few people and companies together are trying to rehabilitate.

I tell you something, in this place one problem after another hits. Latest are the changes that need to take affect for the taxes and rates now to be billed to the owners.

The pile of papers came thought… guess what… I got a massive headache. Wrong owners, wrong valuations from some 62 papers (and of course only 62, many missing as well) that arrived maybe one or two were correct, everything from ownership names to the fact that they sent it to the wrong managing agent, yeah that also.

But with this building that is not the only thing. I won’t bother you with the details, but just wanted to air out the fact that we all need to face it sometimes, you can’t win all the time every time.

I am hoping this building will come right in the next 2 years. It has been struggling because of bad owners, YES owners not tenants. The tenants are great, but have some rotten owners that don’t pay levies and the rest of the nonsense, well it gets to you sometimes.

So, I guess we all have to accept we will have bad days and we won’t win all the time, no matter how clever we are or hard we try. But as long as we carry on and understand this, I guess if we win far more times than we lose, it is good enough. No one said the world is perfect.



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