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Did you know landlords have rights not only tenants

I hear a lot of complaints from landlords and property investors saying that the law is on the side of the tenants. Well, I don’t wish to comment if this right or wrong, but I would like to point out some facts that are in the favor of the landlords and property investors.

Residential Lease Agreement

Did you know that:

  1. If a tenant does not pay rent promptly and without notification, that is an unfair practice committed by the tenant and the landlord can complain about this to the tribunal?
  2. That the rental housing recognizes the need for a realistic return on investment for investors in rental housing and if a tenant complains about rentals that are too high return on investment is calculated in a mathematical manner and compared with similar dwelling in the area?
  3. The tenant is not allowed to let people live in the place just like that. The tenant is only allowed to have in the premises the amount of people specified by the landlord. Needless to say this should be written in a lease agreement.
  4. The tenants is not allowed to intimidate or discriminate of retaliate against the landlord when exercising any rights under the Regulations or Act.
  5. The tenant is not allowed to make false representations regarding the nature of an official document.
  6. The tenant is not allowed to refuse to accept notices lawfully presented or sent by the landlord.
  7. The tenant is not allowed to engage oppressive or unreasonable conduct

There is of course much more. But what it says, is that landlords have rights, just like tenants do, always did and by the Amendments to the Rental Housing Act, will still have those rights and more for years to come.

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Residential Lease Agreement

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